Inspiring the next generation in Malaysia

Every day, all over the world, we are surrounded by Scouts and best of all these young women and men are heroes! Like all good super heroes, when we need them most they put on their superhero uniform – a Scout scarf in our case – they go into their communities, make a difference and then carry on as normal afterwards, without so much as a second glance.

The difference between these superheroes and the ones in the movies…they are ordinary people with an extraordinary skill…leadership!

There are currently 50 million of these superheroes all over the world and that number is growing!

In Malaysia, the Guides and Scouts want more superheroes and have ambitious development plans. Inspired by the energy and dynamism of World Scout Foundation Board Member, Dato’ Soo Keng and her husband Dato’ Choy Wai Hin they are on a mission! In two years they want to grow their membership by more than 40% and reach a target of 10,000 members!

Kick-starting this growth and to coincide with 102nd anniversary of Guiding in Kuala Lumpur, 1500 youngsters were invited to a gala event in the city centre to be inspired to enrol. This the first of many activities for these youngsters and over their next few years they will develop into a new generation of superheroes changing their communities for the better. Long may this continue and well done Dato’ Soo Keng!

World Scout Foundation

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